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Spiritual Healing & Angel Yoga

with Jen Goodwin, intuitive guide and yoga teacher

Are you ready to tap into your true joy?

Energy healing with Jen Goodwin

Working with your guides and angels to bring about healing, balance, and alignment.

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Channeled love and wisdom from the angels to bring healing and clarity on your journey.

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Yoga infused with healing energy, guided by Spirit, and uniquely tailored to your body.

Meet Jen

Jen Goodwin is an intuitive guide and divine channel. She offers healing services as well as angel yoga sessions. She is a beaming light on this earth, bringing joy, unconditional love, and healing to all she meets.  Her joy is to help beautiful souls peel back the layers that keep them blocked from living a truly fulfilling life.

Jen Goodwin Intuitive Healer
"Jen is a gift to this world. Her ability to truly connect with her clients, their angels and guides, and the Divine is literally out of this world. I am grateful every day that I have found her to support me on my path. She reminds you of the magic that lives deep within, and she helps connect you with it. She is a true spiritual guide, channel and healer, and I trust her completely."

Katie Pendergast
Energy Worker & Web Designer

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Work with me to clear what blocks the expression of your true self.

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